Pickleball Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  What is Pickleball?

Answer: Pickleball is the fastest growing sport for all ages and skill levels.  The rules are simple, the equipment is minimal and the game can be enjoyed by beginners to those who enjoy a fast-paced, competitive game.  In short, Pickleball combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.  Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court which is a shorter court than a tennis court with a lower net than what is used in tennis.   Pickleball is played with a plastic ball and paddle.  To read more about Pickleball and to find an Active Adult Community in the greater Phoenix Valley offering Pickleball click here 

2.  What is the equipment cost to get started playing Pickleball?

Answer:  You’ll want a good pair of tennis shoes, a nice paddle, a plastic ball, a net and a court.  The cost can be minimal to extensive depending on your personal taste in equipment and style.  To begin, a Rakuten paddle can be $14.99.  A dozen balls can be had for about $10.50.

3.  Where are the Active Adult Communities offering Pickleball in Arizona specifically in the Phoenix area?

Answer:  Most Active Adult Communities and Retirement Communities have Pickleball courts.  Click here to visit our home page menu and see the Active Adult Communities offering Pickleball.

4.  Where and when are Pickleball tournaments played in Arizona.

Answer:  I was at a tournament in Sun Lakes in mid-March that was fast-paced and screamin’ fun!  Click here to view schedule of Pickleball tournaments and places to play.

5.  Where can I play Pickleball in Retirement Communities in Arizona?

Answer:  Many Retirement Communities offer Pickleball to residents of the community.  To view homes for sale in Arizona Pickleball Retirement Communities click here